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What I've got in store for you: My goal is to provide you with the most up to date Naruto news available, while also showering you with tons of Naruto information until your little hearts content. I hope to provide you with this information without horrifically spoiling all you fans out there. I know theres a bunch of viewers and Manga readers out there that want to learn more without ruining their experience with many of the huge spoilers that are out there.

The stuff you wont find: A vast majority of most Naruto Websites provide you with downloads for the episodes and/or manga right? Well I will not be doing that. The price for such things is just not good enough, so that will not be available. Instead, I will do my very best to provide you with summaries and information on each of the episodes and Manga, again, without horrifically spoiling you.

Jpn. 04/24/08 Episode 056: "Squirm"

Eng. 04/19/08 Episode 158: "Follow My Lead! The Great Survival Challenge!"

Eng. 04/19/08 Episode 159: "Bounty Hunter from the Wilderness"

Eng. 04/26/08 Episode 160: "Hunt or Be Hunted?! Showdown at the O.K. Temple"

Eng. 04/26/08 Episode 161: "The Appearance of Strange Visitors"

Shippuuden Episode 55 is out

Posted by: Itachi @ 11:06 pm on 4/18/2008

Kakashi has offered to help Naruto train and develop a killer jutsu. Can this new skill greatly improve Naruto’s abilities?… Episode 055 is titled Whirlwind

Chapter 397 Released

Posted by: Itacih @ 11:13 pm on 4/18/2008

Chapter 397 has been released!What is in store for you in this chapter? Only you can find out!

Chapter 396 Released

Posted by: Itachi @ 11:17 am on 4/18/2008

Chapter 396 has been released! What is in store for you in this chapter? Only you can find out!

The Fillers...are back

Posted by: Itachi @ 11:19 pm on 4/18/2008

With the airing of Shippuuden episode 54, the series featured a new opening which revealed 5 new filler characters. Episode 54 ended with the start of this new filler arc. Before one has an aneurysm, note that we don’t know how long this filler will last or how involved it will be. It appears some portion of the canon material will continue in the episodes. It could be 7-8 episodes or a lot longer. Originally in the manga, there was a period here where it was a natural fit for filler. So it’s no surprise Studio Pierrot is using this opportunity. It’s also unclear what this filler will exactly deal with, however, manga only readers will know that certain events transpire which could be addressed in the filler to answer issues about an unknown Jinchuuriki (See Unknown Jinchuuriki Three in our Jinchuuriki Guide if you don’t mind the spoilers) or highlight a certain character before he disappears from the series. Whether the arc will feature these two things is unclear, here’s hoping for the best though. Also, the filler portions may be about something else entirely and not a Jinchuuriki, so don’t get your hopes up.

Let’s get Sasuke’s input:


Yeah, yeah Sasuke you don't have to cry about it